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About us

Back when hunters went into the woods looking for their food to fill their stomach, they had to make their own tools to slay their prey. They made clothing out of the skin from their prey. This was quality leather that lasted for years. The 21th century man doesn’t have to go into the woods anymore, but they still do feel the desire for hunting and quality gear. Where can men find this high quality gear nowadays?

On the 7th of September 2014 Daan Korsten and Yannick van Bellen packed their bags and went to a small island in The Netherlands. Here they spent their time brainstorming about a solution for this problem.

They gave birth to HuntersPrey, an online men’s guide which provides for your daily style dosis. Select your favorite brands and HuntersPrey will provide you retailers in Amsterdam that match your style. Keep track of your favorite brands and retailers and get to know new stores and brands.

HuntersPrey thinks it’s a sad thing that most men buy their clothing online nowadays. You don’t get the same physical experience as in a store. Don’t you agree with us? We want you to feel and taste style in the coolest shops. HuntersPrey leads you to the shops in Amsterdam where you will feel comfortable and meet the guys who are passionate about men’s style and can tell you everything about their products.